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SCSL Expert

We strongly recommend that all students who come to study in UK to register with a doctor when they enrol at the University/College in London.

Doctors are often referred to as GPs, which means General Practitioner. All consultations are confidential so you can discuss any of your concerns with them.

You can call in, or telephone, to book an appointment to see the doctor, once you have registered with the Practice. They will try to give you an appointment on the same day if you call early in the morning.

All international students studying for six months or longer are entitled to NHS (National Health Service) treatment. All other international students taking higer education in UK for less than six months, will have to pay for any treatment other than emergency treatment. It is therefore very important that you take out medical insurance, as health care can be expensive.

Free Services available with the NHS

  • Consultations with the GP or nurse
  • Contraception and pregnancy advice
  • Sexual health advice (men and women)
  • Well Woman Clinic
  • Baby Clinic
  • Asthma Clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Chiropodists
  • Counselling
  • Free treatment in a hospital/emergency medical help

You will have to pay for:

  • Medicines prescribed by the GP, £6.50 per item listed on the prescription
  • Vaccinations for travel, sickness certificates etc.
  • Dental treatment
  • Eye tests and glasses

These charges vary.


If you are ill you should see your GP first. He will refer you to the hospital if it is appropriate. In an emergency you can go directly to a hospital that has an Accident & Emergency Unit.


Contact the dentist and they will tell you if you can register with them, depending on how busy the practice is and whether they carry out NHS treatment.

Urgent Treatment

Your doctor will have an emergency telephone number (24 hour service), which you can ring if you need treatment outside surgery hours. This should only be used in an emergency.

Emergency Services

Fire, Police or Ambulance: Dial: 999 (free call) Only to be used in an extreme emergency where someone’s life may be in immediate danger eg an accident.

When dialling 999 you will be asked which service you require, what has happened and where you are. The emergency service will be sent out to you.

The local hospital usually has an Accident and Emergency Department (24 hour service), which you can go to at any time if you need urgent medical treatment.

If you are living in University Accommodation in London, there are always staff on duty who will help you contact the medical services if you are ill.

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