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New Interviews for Students -

09 July 2012

If you are a student visa applicant, you may be interviewed and asked a number of questions about your education history, study and post-study plans, and financial circumstances, when you apply to study in UK.
(Source: Home Office UK Border Agency)

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While you are in the UK

Dear Student,

There are plenty of things to do while you are studying in the UK.

Variety of restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, landmark architecture, open air markets and excellent shopping opportunities means you will never stop discovering new things to see and do, in the UK.

Hope you will find inspiration for things to do this September.....

Until next Month...

Best wishes,
Student Consultancy Services London


Great places to visit in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

There are exciting cities, historic places rich in heritage, stunning countryside and beautiful coastlines to visit in Britain.

Also there are free art galleries with World-famous masterpieces and creations by modern day geniuses. See them all at no cost at all...

You can also visit world class zoos, gardens and parks filled with abundant plant and wildlife in of natural habitats from around the world.

Also doní»t forget to visit Olympic venues and take a tour in Olympic & Paralympics sites and explore Olympics in Britain.


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